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It’s ALL About The Kids!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’ve struggled with what people really want to read about. The internet is so flooded with overstimulating content. I have very specific niche, so I need to make sure I speak directly to them (YOU!)

People often ask me and my husband, “How is your relationship with your exes?” And for the most part we can say Good! There are days and moments, but overall, I feel we co-parent very well on both sides. After I answer this question it’s often that the statement to follow is, “I wish we could do that.” And here is where it gets sticky. I can nonchalantly say something casual like, “ya, it’s hard, I’ll pray for you.” Or I can real…

When in doubt tell the truth.

Mark Twain

Bottom line, co-parenting’s #1 and ONLY rule is, WHAT IS BEST FOR THE KIDS? Not what is best for mom or dad. Period. Paragraph (as my mom would say.)

Jackson’s father and I do very good job of this. I’m confident enough to know that my son loves me but he needs his father. I’m not counting who gets more days or whose day it is, etc. It’s about where we are in life and what is best for my son at that moment.

My husband and his ex also do a great job of this. In the beginning there was some conflict but after 11 years they have it down.

I’m not saying as a whole we are all perfect and do this correctly. Most fathers who have the “father’s custody schedule” have to fight for the little time they get so they don’t want to give up one day, one second. I get that, but if we are honest with ourselves, and we ask ourselves the hard question… what answer do you come up with?

Bottom line, when you put your children’s needs first, everyone wins!

I’ll give you a hint: It’s the title of this blog.


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