Ever heard of the “Brady Bunch?” If you’re under 30 you probably haven’t. It’s one of the first tv programs to talk about blended families. A mom with 3 girls and a dad with 3 boys meet and fall in love and raise their family in one household.

While I didn’t have 3 girls and my husband did not have 3 boys, we did each have a girl and a boy. After a lot of prayers, we decided to start our very own “McBrady Bunch.”

See for yourself here:

While our last name is NOT “Brady”, it’s McDonald, we came up with our little, big, blended family name. The McBrady’s, and I’m the McBrady mom!

Here, I will probably {over}share about everything; from my parenting to TV shows reviews, to traveling and cooking.

We do a little bit of everything around here and I hope to share a little bit with you.

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