Ever heard of the “Brady Bunch?” If you’re under 30 you probably haven’t. It’s one of the first tv programs to talk about blended families. A mom with 3 girls and a dad with 3 boys meet and fall in love and raise their family in one household.

While I didn’t have 3 girls and my husband did not have 3 boys, we did each have a girl and a boy. After a lot of prayers, we decided to start our very own “McBrady Bunch.”

See for yourself here:

While our last name is NOT “Brady”, it’s McDonald, we came up with our little, big, blended family name. The McBrady’s, and I’m the McBrady mom! Learn more about me here.

Here, I will probably {over}share about everything; from my parenting to TV shows reviews, to traveling and cooking.

We do a little bit of everything around here and I hope to share a little bit with you.

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